I am Tiara Kait

My Full name is Tiara Kait V. Asuncion. I am 12 years old. My Birthday is December 19,2008 From Grade 6-HUMILITY.

My hobby is to Dance. I am currently learning korean language. It’s hard to learn by yourself but with the help of my bestfriend from south korea. so its easy to learn their language.

My Youtube Channel is: Tiara Kait. Please subscribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtLGsD_8ghu_BgDuBFMMQBw

In the future i want to go to korea (south) so i can meet my bestfriend from korea.

because we want to live in canada together ( im not sure haha)

i have a little sister her name is Kirsten Mae V. Asuncion

she’s 10 years old her birthday is on june 14, 2011.

i love to watch korean drama’s because it helps me to learn korean and it make me laugh,cry,fell inlove, learn about politics and learn how to defense myself whenever im in danger.

My favorite food is chicken adobo,adobong pusit and marinated shrimp.

My korean name is kang sejin. because my korean bestfriend her last name is jin, her full name is yoo ye jin. she wants me to have a same last name. she always show when its snowing there in korea or if its sunny. i met her on an language exchange app. The app is called HelloTalk it’s available on both ios and android phone’s.

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